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Experience the finest vegetarian cuisine at Aubergine
aubergine cuisine

Eating at Aubergine Cuisine vegetarian and vegan restaurant, you will experience intense flavours, sublime textures and smells from food made with a combination of organic ingredients, mostly grow locally.

Above all, we serve exceptional food that appeals equally to non-vegetarians. Just as much thought goes into our wine list and you will find a range of unique organic, vegan wines to complement your meal.

The friendly, positive environment at Aubergine Cuisine makes for a great night out. Eating at our restaurant will stimulate your mind as well as your taste buds and we believe will give you a new dimension in vegetarian dining in the East Midlands.

Where: 23-25 Heathcoat Street, Nottingham, NG1 3AG 

Open: Tues to Sat, 6pm to 10pm.

Check out our current menus from the link above.

Coeliac Awareness Week  -11th to 18th May

For Coeliac Awareness Week customers will have a choice of a Coeliac friendly dishes. An ingredient list will be available on request.

National Vegetarian Week - 20th to 26th May

Five Chances to Win a Free Meal for 2 at Aubergine Cuisine!
Each night of National Vegetarian Week we will be running a prize competition: answer some simple questions about famous vegetarians, vegans or vegetarianism and we will put your name into a prize draw: your prize will be a meal for 2 at Aubergine Cuisine, we pay for the food you simply pay for your drinks.


Vegetarian Society Approved

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